October 31, 2012


My favorite holiday has finally arrived!!

Inspiration this year??? Lady Gaga's meat dress

Want to get the look too??? Here's how I did it:

Red Corset
Red Boy Shorts
4 yds. off white cotton gauze
Box of Scarlet Red RIT dye
Red Thread

1. Slightly moisten gauze then tie it into little knots and balls.
2. Pour dye into a bucket with warm water. You barely need any at all, perhaps an inch deep.
3. Dip tied gauze into bucket in various spots, DO NOT SATURATE fabric!
4. Rinse dye out of fabric after you are satisfied with dye spots. Once water runs clear out of dyed fabric, undo knots and hang to dry.
5. Take dry fabric and start cutting random pieces diagonally across fabric. Remember you want it to resemble meat. I tried to choose areas where there was always some white remaining with the red to give it the marbled look.
6. Start pinning pieces of fabric to corset. I made mine A-symmetrical, but place however you please.
7. Make sure to incorporate all sizes of fabric to give it that "meat drape" look. Also, scrunch it and fold it for more texture.
8. Hand stitch or sew pinned pieces to the corset. Be sure to pick up the corset and move it around to find the loose bits that need to be tacked down.
9. Save scraps to make hat and shoe covers!!
10. Finally, complete look with rhinestone jewelry and fishnet hose.

Here's a handy instructional video if you need more guidance:


August 13, 2012

MUST SEE: Uniqlo's interesting new ad campaign…

Its getting kinda buggy out there!

All photos courtesy of Uniqlo

Aside from the super fun ad campaign, the clothes are really cute. I love love love Uniqlo jeans. They break in beautifully. Are you ready for Fall?


July 20, 2012

Feeling sporty...

I've had a relatively lazy summer so far…

Beach, eating, traveling, eating more, drinking. 

You get the point. Not very productive. Alas, I finally got bit by the workout bug and have been hitting the pavement again. I love a good brisk walk mixed with bursts of running. If too hot outside I prefer either a kickboxing video or resistance bands and free weights. (One can never do too many squats and lunges.) 

Now what compliments a renewed motivation to get healthy better than new workout clothes?? You know its true! Putting on the same tired, worn out gym clothes matches exactly how I feel week 2 of getting back in shape. 

Need a little motivation yourself? Check out these cute looks that are guaranteed to make you want to shape up.

TOP ROW from left: Adidas Y-3 Hoody; Adidas by Stella McCartney 'Studio Seamless' Tank; Adidas 'Climaspeed' Jacket  $70; Alexander Wang 'Track Swimsuit' $196;
SECOND ROW from left: Under Armour 'High Impact Wire-free' Sports bra $58; Nike 'Road Race' Print Shorts $30; Adidas by Stella McCartney 'Tennis Performance Tee' $80; Victoria's Secret 'Angel Sports Bra' $48.50;
THIRD ROW from left: Alexander Wang 'Athletic Patchwork' Cardigan $875; Nike "Glissade' Capris $65; Adidas 'London 2012 Hoodie' for Topshop $112; Adidas 'Running Liquid 2 W' $75; Pink Lotus 'Crop Dolman Sleeve' Top $68 


July 17, 2012

Farewell, My Queen

Summer movies!! 

So many films I still want to see: 

Moonrise Kingdom, Savages, To Rome with Love, Ted, 
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World… 

Wow… the bad weather better start rolling back in so I don't feel guilty spending a beautiful sunny day cooped up in a dark cinema. Most recently, Farewell, My Queen was brought to my attention. It is a period piece about the famed French queen, Marie Antoinette. Yes, I know plenty of people who think period pieces are a snooze-fest, but to be perfectly honest - I live for them! First of all, the costumes alone are worth it! Second, lead role is played by one of my favorites, Diane Kruger. Apparently she went to seek advice for the role from her close friend, Karl Lagerfeld. Seems he is a guru about this era. Added bonus, the film was actually shot at  Château de Versailles. And can you believe how elaborate the costumes are for this movie? I wonder how many seamstresses they employed to get all the looks done. Take a look below to see what I am talking about.

Photos via Anomalous Material


July 16, 2012

Get the look: Wine Farm Chic

What to do when your day of wine tasting is rainy, cold, and muddy? 

Improvise with practical clothing that will save you the misery of being ill-prepared, but still chic enough to sip the daintiest of wine. As you can see below, I decided to take a bohemian approach to a relatively outdoorsy outfit. Like always, fit is an essential to make even the most casual look more dressed up.

Key essentials: Layers, comfortable mud boots, a carry-all shoulder bag, and accessory to tie everything in a.k.a. floppy hat in this case. 

So how do you get the look? Shops like Madwell, J.Crew, A.L.C. all have worn in style clothes without the actual wear-and-tear. They are a great base. Make sure accessories have interesting details to add more glam to your casual look.

Buy it all here:


July 14, 2012

Cape Town, the last part...

A wine festival to say farewell.

Yes, there is no better way than to spend one's last precious moments with friends cruising from vineyard to vineyard tasting succulent wines. South Africa has some award-winning wineries throughout it's countryside. We ventured about 2 hours from Cape Town to Robertson for the Wacky Wine Festival. While the day was superb, the weather was playing with our emotions. Don't worry, a few raindrops and ever falling temperatures had nothing on our kindred spirits. 

1st stop, Bon Courage

"One must remember this is a marathon and not a sprint…" My lovely cuz, Thera.

Rosé bubbles to kick start the day.
2nd stop, Springfield Winery

Myself, Moritz, Thera

Not hard to have fun with a crew like this!
Dylan's fun shoes.
Last stop, Arabella. Thera and Lyall.

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